Health tourism is booming in Europe – and that includes traditional health resort services in the wellness sector. According to estimates by the European Spas Association, the some 18,000 establishments operating in health and wellness tourism in Europe generate annual turnover of €30 billion. However, comparing the quality of the services they offer is very difficult. 

EuropeSpa’s purpose is to 

  • develop and publish internationally standardised quality criteria
  • offer certifications based on these criteria
  • disseminate this know how in courses and seminars worldwide

EuropeSpa enables guests and patients to find out about different providers which have been professionally assessed using objective standards. We publicise the leading establishments in Europe and provide guidance to those, who when booking, are above all interested in obtaining quality services. We offer international transparency to professional partners like travel companies and health insurance companies.

We enable quality providers in medical wellness and spas to effectively and credibly demonstrate their quality. And we offer businesses on the road to top quality a method to continuously improve and join the foremost providers in Europe. EuropeSpa certification is intended to bring our clients lasting economic success.

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