The Certification Procedure

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The first step is a discussion about your aims and the choice of the right certificate for your company.

Test audit

You are not sure, if your company would pass the EuropeSpa audit? By request one of our EuropeSpa Consultants carries out a nonbinding test audit.

Our offer

A detailed offer provides information on all costs related to the certification.


We arrange an appointment for the audit. Different contact persons have to be available for possible queries during the audit. These persons are announced beforehand.

Self-disclosure and Audit plan

We need a self-disclosure based on a questionnaire in order to be able to compile the schedule for the audit on your premises („Audit plan“). The questionnaires are available in the download area.

Main audit

The time needed for the main audit depends on the size of your company and the type of certificate you wish to obtain and varies between one and three days. The audit results are summarized in a thorough report and photo documentation.

EuropeSpa certificate

After having passed the audit you receive the EuropeSpa certificate. The handover of the certificate often is a solemn event accompanied by staff members and sometimes the press.

Control audit

18 months after the main audit – the halftime of the certificate’s warranty – a control audit is carried out. During this audit we assess which requirements stated in the report have been implemented. After three years the next main audit is carried out.
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