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EuropeSpa hotel spa

A hotel’s spa and wellness areas are often regarded by guests as something very special. In fact they are frequently a hotel’s showpiece. The spa and wellness area of a hotel should offer the guest deep and secure relaxation with professionally carried out treatments.

The EuropeSpa hotel spa seal of quality involves examining around 500 criteria to verify a high level of professional infrastructure in spa facilities, where hygiene is crucial. It’s an utterly reliable certificate of quality for travellers, travel agencies and tour operators in search of professionally run hotel spas.




By being certified under EuropeSpa hotel spa, providers demonstrate that:

  • the spa’s services, quality and ambience meet the European Spas Association’s minimum requirements
  • all types of treatment (including beauty) as well as the swimming pool and sauna belonging to the spa comply with the main safety, hygiene and infrastructure requirements of European legislation and standards selected by the European Spas Association’s Committee of Experts

Click here for an overview of the specific areas covered.

If you are interested in being certified under the comprehensive and demanding EuropeSpa criteria, please click here: Certification Procedure.

If you want to learn more about the adavantages of a EuropeSpa certification, please click here: Why being certified.

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