Medical Spa & Wellness

Health tourism is booming worldwide. This also affects wellness, medical wellness and the classic medical spa. The need for services offering relaxation and wellbeing as well as programs to improve your health is increasing.

  • Hotels, thermal spas and day spas are providing wellness services in order to offer their guests deep relaxation or a special wellness experience.
  • To prevent health problems the so-called „medical wellness“ combines medical diagnosis and therapy techniques with wellness elements.
  • The classic medical spa goes one step further. It is controlled by a physician and uses stationary remedies like thermal water, salt water, brine or mud to sustainably strengthen the guest’s physical constitution and therefore their resistance against different health problems. 




Wellness, medical wellness as well as medical spa contribute to physical recovery but they all cover risks if they are not applied appropriately. Allegedly cheap offers home and abroad often do not deliver what the „glossy brochures“ promise. But a low price does not forcibly mean a bad performance.

This is where EuropeSpa can help: We assess providers of wellness and medical spa services in Europe and beyond on the basis of comprehensive international criteria. Our principle: Integrated assessments on a high technical level when it comes to hygiene, security, infrastructure and quality of services. That is what we are known for! We want to highlight the good providers in every country and make them visible in international health tourism. This gives health and wellness tourists helpful assistance in order to find good providers in their holiday destination. 



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