Valuable information from the world of spas and spa medicine

The glossary of the European Spas Association contains a variety of definitions and explanations of all sorts of terms related to spas and health resorts. This extremely useful dictionary can be ordered from bookshops (ISBN 3-88907-014-0) or directly from ESPA's head office in Brussels. As a foretaste, a few excerpts from the dictionary containing plenty of interesting information are listed below.


Facial treatment

A deep cleansing treatment of the face, neck and shoulders, using masks, creams and massage to tone, exfoliate, moisturise and revitalise the skin and underlying tissues.


The Italian word for mud made from solid clay and liquid organic material. The mud which is rich in minerals, undergoes a slow „maturation“ process in vats, prior to therapeutic use


Mud treatments applied to all or part of the body as a heated pack to detoxify, soothe muscles, stimulate the circulation and relieve pain.

Floatation Bath

A warm bath containing oils or salts, where the client floats on the water, usually in the dark or in subdued lighting. A floatation tank is bed-sized and, in total darkness, it can be very claustrophobic.

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