Valuable information from the world of spas and spa medicine

The glossary of the European Spas Association contains a variety of definitions and explanations of all sorts of terms related to spas and health resorts. This extremely useful dictionary can be ordered from bookshops (ISBN 3-88907-014-0) or directly from ESPA's head office in Brussels. As a foretaste, a few excerpts from the dictionary containing plenty of interesting information are listed below.


Inhalations and douches

Treatment involving the nasal intake of steam derived from mineral springs and seawater which is often mixed with plant extracts and oils such as eucalyptus. Used in respiratory diseases to relieve congestion of the sinuses or lungs.

Integrative Medicine/Practitioner

Medicine bringing together complementary and orthodox (or conventional) treatments. A practitioner using both complementary (or alternative) and orthodox Western medicine.


Chemical element improving the arterial and mircro-circulatory skin circulation and lowering the arterial (high) blood pressure.

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