Valuable information from the world of spas and spa medicine

The glossary of the European Spas Association contains a variety of definitions and explanations of all sorts of terms related to spas and health resorts. This extremely useful dictionary can be ordered from bookshops (ISBN 3-88907-014-0) or directly from ESPA's head office in Brussels. As a foretaste, a few excerpts from the dictionary containing plenty of interesting information are listed below.



A 19th century adaptation of hydrotherapy formulated by Pastor Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) and consisting of hot and cold water treatments, walking barefoot in the morning dew, the use of herbal bath oils, all combined with physical exercise and a diet of natural food. Popular in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Special form of ambulatory preventional and rehabilitative cures. Treatments in groups (max. 15 persons) considering structural multi-discilinary therapy concepts


Correctly indicated, structured and measured form of therapy using special local resources. Ambulatory, policlinical and clinical for rehabilitation, curation and prevention. Duration: 2-4 weeks in Europe.

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