Valuable information from the world of spas and spa medicine

The glossary of the European Spas Association contains a variety of definitions and explanations of all sorts of terms related to spas and health resorts. This extremely useful dictionary can be ordered from bookshops (ISBN 3-88907-014-0) or directly from ESPA's head office in Brussels. As a foretaste, a few excerpts from the dictionary containing plenty of interesting information are listed below.



Muscle and soft tissue manipulation usually by hand but can be by water jets, to improve the circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces stress, relieves stiffness and soothes the body. May involve the whole body, face, neck or back as required.

Medicinal water

Mineral water with a proved therapeutic effect. Medicinal waters are drugs. Their use as local remedies requires an official recognition of the spring as a medicinal spring.

Mineral water

Water of natural purity with certain dietary effects the source of which has to be in a subterranean and protected water deposit. The content of certain substances must not exceed the indicated limits.

Moor (peat) Bath

Body wrap using a natural peat preparation rich in minerals and organic material, used to relieve pain and stiffness and induce relaxation.

Mother and child cures

Correctly indicated, structured and measured form of therapy especially designed for mothers with children (see cure) in special spa clinics, sanatories or rehabilitation clinics.

Mud Bath

The body is coated with organic thermal mud to release tension and nourish the skin.

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