Valuable information from the world of spas and spa medicine

The glossary of the European Spas Association contains a variety of definitions and explanations of all sorts of terms related to spas and health resorts. This extremely useful dictionary can be ordered from bookshops (ISBN 3-88907-014-0) or directly from ESPA's head office in Brussels. As a foretaste, a few excerpts from the dictionary containing plenty of interesting information are listed below.


Salt Glow

An exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation by rubbing coarse salt and aromatic oils on the body.

Scotch Douche

An invigorating water jet massage with variable temperature and pressure levels which stimulates the circulation and relaxes muscles. Also known as the Scotch Hose Shower and Jet Blitz.


Traditional Japanese accupressure massage technique used to promote relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. Pressure is applied to specific points in the body which stimulate and unblock the „meridians“ (pathways in the body through which life energy flows).

Spa resources

Physical therapy, e. g. massages, packs with fango and peloids, physiotherapy, inhalations, Kneipp treatments, balneo-physical treatments with special consideration of local therapeutical remedies.

Spring water

Water originated in a subterranean water deposit that must not be disinfected and that should be bottled at the source.

Sulfur therapy

Balneotherapy using sulphur to soothe motional illnesses.

Swedish Massage

A European massage technique intended to relax muscles and improve circulation with the use of massage oils and gentle manipulations such as long strokes, kneading and tapping.

Swiss Shower

A multi-jet bath with alternating hot and cold water.

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