Medical Spa & Medical Wellness

Medical spa and prevention measures are designed to awaken the inner doctor. You can learn to prevent disease, to cope better with an illness, and to live healthier. This treatment revolves around the use of local remedies such as peloids, thermal water, salt or the climate. Other elements include exercise and relaxation techniques as well as professional guidance from the resort’s own doctor.

In Germany alone, there are more than 350 spas and health resorts. Many European countries dispose of a comparable number of spas. What they all have in common is a long and rich spa tradition which partly reaches even back to Roman times.

In a medical spa, visitors are treated over a period of at least two and ideally three weeks according to a medical plan drawn up by a doctor. Then again, preventive measures may only last a few days if the aim is to generally prevent disease or make the guest aware of health issues. Both treatment and prevention have medical aspects, which is why the seal for medical spa and medical wellness is known as EuropeSpa med. In Europe treatment in a medical spa is often subsidised by health insurances.


Besides medical spa there are many medical wellness services, which often cannot be distinguished from medical spa. Sometimes the term stands for medical wellness in the strict sense, sometimes for comparable services containing medical aspects.

Added to this, on an international level similar terms for „medical spa“ and „medical wellness“ are used, though there are sometimes considerably different regulations and standards in Europe. These different quality requirements in the respective countries are often reflected in price level and complicate comparability – to the guests’ disadvantage. Prevention, medical spa and medical wellness services certified by EuropeSpa clearly have a medical aspect. In addition, they have proven their quality under the demanding EuropeSpa criteria. 



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