Wellness Tips

Switching off, recharging your batteries and spoiling yourself are some of the main characteristics we expect of a successful holiday. It’s no wonder that more and more travellers are therefore taking their holidays at hotels and resorts offering wellness services. Mind you, since the term ‘wellness’ isn’t protected in any way, not all these wellness destinations are up to scratch. Fortunately, guidance is now available from EuropeSpa. EuropeSpa is the standardized qualification and certification system of the European Spas Association (ESPA). Based on its stringent criteria, EuropeSpa’s experts have come up with a series of tips to help you choose the right wellness destination:

1. Make sure that the wellness area is actually inside the hotel and that it can be reached in your swimwear. It’s not much fun if you’ve got to walk a long way!

2. In good wellness facilities, the smell of chlorine from the swimming pool is almost imperceptible. If the water smells strongly of chlorine, this could be an indication that the water treatment system isn’t working properly.

3. Check that the wellness and spa areas are open for a long time every day so that you’re free to plan each day as your choose. A good wellness area should be open for at least twelve hours a day.

4. Good masseurs introduce themselves by name and repeat your choice of treatment before starting. They should enquire about the desired intensity and make sure you’re feeling alright during the massage.



5. Make sure you receive clear information about the types of treatment available. If you’re unsure, ask exactly what particular services involve.

6. If you’re not sure whether a certain massage could pose a health risk to you, ask whether you can consult a doctor beforehand. Good hotels hand out a questionnaire in order to note down any possible health risks in advance and to take account of any health restrictions.

7. Make sure that the wellness area has a separate relaxation room. The full benefits of treatment can only take effect in connection with undisturbed rest afterwards.

Of course, some aspects of quality aren’t immediately obvious and so can’t be assessed by consumers. This is where experts are needed. Armed with the necessary expertise, they can look behind the scenes. To find these experts, look no further than EuropeSpa! When you’re choosing your next wellness destination, make sure it’s been awarded the EuropeSpa seal of quality – and hence meets EuropeSpa’s high quality standards applying throughout Europe.

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