Why being certified?

Hotels and clinics certified by EuropeSpa demonstrate: „We belong to Europe. We stand for transparency. We offer leading-edge quality“. 

This gives certified providers competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive market for medical spa and wellness:

  • A EuropeSpa certificate facilitates the booking decision for guests paying their stay themselves. Given a similar price level, they will always choose the provider offering provable quality. A proof EuropeSpa can deliver.
  • Tour operators often request an international proof of quality, which can be delivered by EuropeSpa.
  • Health insurances get guidance concerning the quality level of providers abroad. EuropeSpa provides this guidance. 

The most important is: EuropeSpa demonstrates the public: „We have a quality level, which is not only regionally, but also internationally recognized.“ This opens new perspectives: The credibility of  quality statements to all parties involved crosses borders. EuropeSpa allows entrance to the whole of Europe, a market with a population of more than 300 million people.

For medical spa providers, spas or wellness-hotels likewise applies:

EuropeSpa always is a helpful quality system for management as well as for employees. Within a single organisation EuropeSpa is a guideline for quality management and employees. Within a hotel chain EuropeSpa is a helpful management instrument in order to compare and continuously improve the quality of individual hotels.

Added to this, the certificate is a door opener to an international contact network and to many joint advertising and PR activities: joint trade fair appearances, joint advertising and articles in journals and consumer publications, online marketing and much more.



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