What is quality?

EuropeSpa quality – Holistic approach for the benefit of guests

Guests have never been as critical and professional as they are today. Wellness and spa providers do their best to provide an agreeable and relaxing wellness experience. But guests can only see the exterior and thus are not able to realise what happens behind the scenes. But what about the other side of the coin?

For guests it is difficult to assess if a sauna or swimming pool is professionally managed or if they meet safety standards. The star classification for hotels does not take these aspects into account.

This is where EuropeSpa and its holistic quality system come into play. The EuropeSpa criteria set comprehensive requirements for quality, security and service. These aspects, being often „invisible“, are crucial for a relaxing stay in a medical spa or wellness hotel since germs cannot be seen even if the surface appears to be clean. 



Specific criteria for medical spa and wellness

The EuropeSpa quality criteria differ from each other depending on the certified provider: Medical spas, medical spa hotels, spas or wellness hotels.

  • In medical spa therapeutical aspects, security, hygiene and service aspects are in the focus. The star qualification does not matter.
  • The spa criteria consider beside hygiene, security, the staff’s know how, the design of the facilities, the equipment of relaxation rooms also service aspects in particular. A perfect match of all these aspects make a high level of quality.
  • The EuropeSpa criteria for wellness hotels contain most requirements. They do not only consider the „interior“ – that means all aspects from security and hygiene, ambiance and equipment to service – but also take aspects like the surroundings into account. Only if all these aspects are met, a hotel can be awarded the EuropeSpa wellness hotel certificate.

To sum up:

  • Quality when it comes to hygiene, security, infrastructure and service under the comprehensive EuropeSpa criteria
  • Quality system for management and staff which shows the way to top quality demonstrating for example at the hotel entrance, in a brochure or on the website that a medical spa or wellness provider meets demanding criteria
  • Tour operators and health insurances can be sure that their guests and insurants stay in a hotel or clinic that has been assessed on the basis of comprehensive criteria standardised within the whole of Europe.




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