European Spas Association launches new website

Possibility for direct reservations in co-operation with FIT-Reisen

Wiesbaden, February 8th, 2012 | The new website of the European Spas Association presents itself clearly arranged and pleasantly designed. The completely revised homepage www.EuropeSpa.eu informs users about EuropeSpa – the international seal of quality of the European Spas Association – and introduces certified wellness hotels and health resort hotels throughout Europe. The possibility to book is just one click away – thanks to our partner, the travel business FIT-Reisen. „We aim to bring more transparency to the international health tourism in conjunction with an easy access to the best providers throughout Europe“, says the director of EuropeSpa, Kurt von Storch.

search and book
„As our reference in the digital world, our homepage is focused on the substantial. Clearly separated areas for wellness, health, partners, business-philosophy, press and news guarantee a comfortable navigation and quick access to the designated information“, adds von Storch. Of course, information are not only available in German, but also in English.

The highlight of the new website is the innovative search engine, which simplifies the search for the highest international level of health and wellness tourism. Furthermore, users can book directly on the EuropeSpa homepage. Not all hotels and spas can be booked at this time, but the offer will be extended in the next months.

Two seals that create instant confidence
The EuropeSpa seal comes in two types. EuropeSpa wellness with the green quality logo is aimed at spa hotels. The blue EuropeSpa seal is awarded to spa clinics and hotels in health resorts. „The two certificates we offer – EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness – are the toughest certification procedures in Europe for health resorts and spas. We aim to make the website www.EuropeSpa.eu the foremost quality portal for health resorts and wellness centres in Europe“, von Storch says.

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