EuropeSpa med certificate expanded to include mother-and-child cures

International certificate improves access to European market for mother-and-child health resorts and medical spas

Wiesbaden, 24 June 2013 | A special certificate of quality for mother-and-child cures is now available from EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH for suitable health resorts and medical spas all over Europe. Augmenting the existing EuropeSpa med certificate, the new certificate has been developed in conjunction with two certified mother-and-child clinics: Ostseekurklinik Fischland in Wustrow and Silberbergklinik in Bodenmais. EuropeSpa is the system of quality of the European Spas Association and fronts quality criteria in areas such as infrastructure, safety, treatment and local spa resources, catering and service. Holders of the EuropeSpa certificate have been found to meet the relevant standards.

Parent-and-child preventive treatment, usually referred to as mother-and-child cures, is carried out almost exclusively in Germany, despite the demand for services of this nature in other European countries. The introduction of Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare this autumn will open up the market for cross-border healthcare provision. This is an excellent opportunity for German providers to reach target groups abroad. The EuropeSpa certificate helps by confirming compliance with international quality standards. “One great side-effect is that our quality criteria give mother and child cure providers quality guidelines that have been developed in a practical environment to help improve their day-to-day business,” explained EuropeSpa’s CEO Dr Kurt von Storch.

In order to be awarded the EuropeSpa med certificate, providers must undergo an extensive audit. More than 1,000 criteria are assessed in order to ascertain whether requirements in areas such as infrastructure, safety, treatment and local spa resources, catering and service are fulfilled. The certificate is awarded once all the ‘knockout criteria’ as well as 80 per cent of all the other requirements have been met. The criteria range from medical check-ups through quality assurance during treatment to questions on emergency management as well as whether follow-up is provided once patients have checked out. The complete EuropeSpa med criteria have been published in book form by Schweizerbart Verlag (Quality Standard for Medical Spas and Medical Wellness Providers in Europe, 181 pages, Schweizerbart-Verlag, Stuttgart). The additional criteria for the EuropeSpa med Mother & Child seal of quality can be downloaded from www.europespa.eu.

Introducing EuropeSpa med
EuropeSpa med is the quality initiative of the European Spas Association providing uniform, international criteria for health resorts, medical wellness providers and spas in Europe. The aim is to ensure more transparency and competitiveness in cross-border health tourism. The EuropeSpa certificates give guidance to health insurance companies, tour operators and private travellers about which providers in Europe meet international standards of quality. The EuropeSpa system comprises the wide-ranging lists of criteria, the certificates, and training courses throughout Europe.

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