EuropeSpa unveils new seal of quality at ITB

First Hilton hotel certified with EuropeSpa hotel spa in Turkey

Berlin/Wiesbaden, 1 March 2013 | ‘EuropeSpa hotel spa’ is the latest addition to the EuropeSpa certification system for health resorts, spas and wellness centres in Europe. This new seal of quality is aimed at hotels with their own spa area and is based on the same rigorous criteria applying to the other EuropeSpa seals. EuropeSpa hotel spa has already passed the market test – for following its launch, five Turkish hotels have had the quality of their spa zones approved by EuropeSpa’s strict auditors. They include the five-star Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa – the first Hilton hotel to be EuropeSpa-certified.

“EuropeSpa hotel spa verifies the high level of safety and professional infrastructure in spa facilities, where hygiene is crucial,” declared EuropeSpa’s CEO Dr Kurt von Storch. During certification, attention is paid to both compliance with hygienic and safety standards and meeting basic criteria. This includes inspecting the infrastructure comprising, say, massage rooms, cosmetic studios, swimming pools or saunas as well as a new method of testing the quality of the services provided. “The problem is that the term ‘spa’ isn’t protected,” explained Dr von Storch. “A sauna with a couch next to the shower is a long way short of a spa complex.” EuropeSpa hotel spa uses a set of about 500 criteria to enable a hotel spa’s quality to be thoroughly assessed, aiding potential guests, travel agencies and tour operators. “Hotels offering genuine quality in their spa facilities can use the new EuropeSpa seal of quality to credibly and transparently distinguish themselves from their competitors. The seal means travellers can choose with confidence when booking hotels featuring a spa.”

Introducing EuropeSpa
Guided by the principle of European standardization, EuropeSpa is the only international system of quality for European health and wellness resorts. It creates transparency and paves the way for a level playing field on the European health and wellness market. EuropeSpa is the toughest quality audit on the market. EuropeSpa-certified facilities have passed a stringent inspection by an independent auditor taking two or three days. They have met a series of knockout criteria and at least 80pc of the criteria in all categories.

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