About us

Together with competent partners such as associations and tour operators we wish to establish more transparency and a fair competition on the relatively heterogeneous European market for medical spa and wellness. In order to achieve this ambitious goal we have set ourselves the task to develop international quality standards for medical spa and wellness providers, to carry out certifications based on those standards and to pass on our know-how in trainings and seminars.

EuropeSpa helps high-quality providers to become more visible and appealing to international guests. The EuropeSpa certificates are considered the most demanding quality assessments in the medical spa and wellness business and allow an international comparison thanks to the cross-border standards they are based on. This way we provide consumers, professional partners, such as tour operators or health insurance companies, as well as providers with technically and scientifically substantiated orientation and permit transparency. Thus, we clearly stand out from marketing or member seals lacking substance and meaning.

Since 2006 we have been part of projects in 26 countries, among which are Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Latin America, Portugal, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The demand for our cooperation in projects beyond European borders strengthens us in our approach and our own ambition towards the quality of our standards and certifications.

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