European health tourism is booming.

This includes the classical medical spa as well as the medical spa sector and the countless wellness offers. According to estimates from the European Spas Association the approximately 18,000 health and wellness tourism facilities in Europe generate a turnover of more than 30 billion euros. The quality and scope of the offers, however, are hardly comparable beyond borders because completely different service philosophies, safety standards and therapy methods meet here.

EuropeSpa pursues the goal to counter those differences with internationally uniform standards and to establish more transparency and comparability.

With our certifications we wish to enable quality providers of the European medical spa and wellness tourism to prove their quality effectively and credibly towards consumers but also health insurance companies and tour operators.

We would like to present the providers in Europe that comply with international quality standards. They exist in every country and we want to make them visible.

Medical Spa & Wellness

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Standards & Certificates

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