European Spas Association

The European Spas Association  (ESPA) is the umbrella organisation of 20 European spa associations headquartered in Brussels.

Main task of ESPA is the representation of the interests of the national associations and their members at European level. It is the only umbrella association in this area that is recognized by the EU institutions. The goal is to promote health resorts and balneology in Europe and to make sure that the natural remedies are available to as many people as possible.

Together with the European Spas Association we operate out certification system. ESPA is co-publisher of the EuropeSpa certificates and works together with us on the continuous review and further development of the criteria catalogues and certificates.

Originally, EuropeSpa emerged from a quality initiative of ESPA. The reason is that quality requirements to health care services are a national responsibility. The EU hardly has any regulatory power here. This is the reason why the European Spas Associations assumed the task to define internationally uniform criteria for the European spa industry and to implement them on a voluntary basis in form of certifications.

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