As the official quality and certification system of the European Spas Association it is our task

  • to develop and publish international, cross border quality standards for medical spa and wellness providers,
  • to offer certifications based on those standards,
  • to manage audits and their quality assurance,
  • to pass on our knowledge and know-how in seminars and trainings.

Furthermore, we support certified providers with targeted and partially joint marketing measures such as

  • national and international public relations
  • maintaining and further-development of the EuropeSpa website and social media channels
  • joint advertisements in leading tourist and medical trade magazines
  • joint trade fair presence (e.g. at ITB in Berlin)

Thus, a EuropeSpa certification is so much more than a mere seal. In combination with our additional services they not only contribute to the improvement of reputation and appeal but also to the economic success of our clients.

The EuropeSpa Certificates

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Why EuropeSpa?

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