Quality in Health Prevention e.V.

“Quality in Health Prevention e.V.” (Quhep) is an international organisation for quality in cross-border health tourism.

The association was founded in 2016 and is the first and only platform bringing together all interest groups of the European medical spa and balneology industry across borders in relation to quality. This includes, for instance, tour operators, health insurance companies, administration and politics as well as medical spa hotels and clinics and scientific institutes. The goal is to establish more transparency for consumers and a fairer competition in cross-border health tourism.

Next to the networking of the partners the main task of Quhep is the further development of the international quality standards for EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa 23.2. In a continuous improvement process international experts revise and optimize the criteria catalogue in regular meetings. Quhep also organises regular trade events such as the “European Health Prevention Day”, a congress for quality-related topics in international health prevention.