Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Hungary, Budapest



Állatkerti körút 9-11
1146 Budapest

Phone: (+36-1) 363-3210
Fax: (+36-1) 363-3210/323

Type of accommodation
Thermal spa
Located centrally
Travel Topics
Classical curative treatment, Rehabilitation, Medical Wellness, Wellness and Beauty, Drinking cure, Follow-up treatment


Right in the heart of Budapest – also known as the “City of Spas” – lies one of Europe’s largest bath complexes: the historical Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Built in 1913, it has become a major bathing institution in Budapest, popular amongst locals and tourists alike. It is housed in a vast and beautiful neo-baroque palace and has 18 pools between 18 and 40 °C for swimming and relaxation, 12 of which are filled with thermal water. The water contains a total of 1774,53mg minerals per litre, which gives it its strong healing powers. It is ideal for people suffering from joint diseases, arthritis, digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, respiratory diseases or after orthopaedic surgery and post-accident treatment. The bath tradition in Budapest started with the Romans who appreciated the healing powers of the local thermal water.

In the Széchenyi baths, guests can experience traditional and up-to-date health and wellness services. The bath complex includes one large outdoor swimming pool, two outdoor thermal pools, 15 indoor pools, sundecks and a bistro restaurant. In 1999 the bath was extensively renovated. Today, the pools include a whirling corridor, underwater gysers, a neck shower and underwater back massage currents.

The entry ticket includes the use of the different saunas, steam room, therapeutic exercises and aqua fitness. Other services include massages such as aroma massages or the luxurious “Royal Thermal Massage”, pedicure and facial treatments. Széchenyi also houses a daytime outpatient hospital with a physiotherapy centre. Medical services include drinking therapy, balneotherapy, mud treatments, medical massages, underwater jet massage and underwater traction.

Aside from the beneficial effects of the water visitors like to come simply to relax, catch up with friends or do some exercise. A typical scene you might see is people playing chess in the water, which symbolizes the strong social importance of Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

Budapest is a city rich in experiences and things to do, which makes it a very popular tourist destination. When you visit the city, do not miss the unique atmosphere of beautiful and historic Széchenyi Thermal Bath.



Outdoor pool, Indoor pool, Sauna, Family-friendly
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English, Italian, German
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Buffet restaurant
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Beauty, Gym, Indoor pool in the spa , Massage rooms, Outdoor area, Outdoor pool, Thermal pool, Sauna, Steam sauna, VIP-Spa suites
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Aqua-Bodywork / Aquagym, Classical Thai massage, Full body massage, Gymnastic, Couple treatments, Partial body massage, Sport massage, Underwater hose massage, Water gymnastics, Harmony aroma therapy treatments, the "Dizzying Jasmine", rosy harmony massage, citrus refreshment, royal thermal massages, "Lavender Dream" treatment, royal thermal massage with goat butter
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