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We live in an affluent society. The average income has increased, medical care has improved, technical progress and the digital revolution have brought us many comforts. The downside, alas, is performance pressure, a fast paced life and stress. In the long run these factors can affect our body and deteriorate our health. At the same time, we are getting older, which is why our needs and priorities are shifting. Our health and well-being up into old age play an increasingly important role. And ever so often it is expected from every individual to assume more responsibility for their own health. So it does not come as a surprise that the demand for relaxation, recreation and health prevention has risen and that the health market is booming.

Faced with the sheer and growing number of medical spa and wellness offers, it has become difficult to keep an overview. Where does wellness end and where does medical spa start? What hides behind the names Ayurveda, Kneipp or Medical Wellness? What is right for me? We would like to shed some light on these topics and answer these and other questions you might have.

Why the quality of the offers is so important
Generally speaking, medical spa and wellness facilities do everything to offer their guests a pleasant and relaxing stay. But as a guest, most of the time, you can merely see the “façade”. What happens behind the scenes remains hidden. But what are the conditions really like in the qualitatively relevant and hygienically sensitive areas in a wellness hotel, medical spa clinic or spa?

Whether a sauna or a swimming pool are professionally managed, whether the hygiene in the kitchen is sufficient or whether certain safety requirements are met is hardly discernable for an outsider. By the way, these aspects are not taken into account by the number of stars that a hotel has. So how can guests recognize high-quality offers?

This is exactly where EuropeSpa comes in.
Together with the European Spas Association (ESPA), we have set ourselves the task to develop internationally uniform standards that a provider of medical spa or wellness services needs to comply with in order to ensure high-quality and safe treatments. We assess providers according to these criteria and award them with our quality certificates. Our criteria include requirements for service, safety, hygiene and infrastructure. Our certificates are considered the most demanding quality assessments in the medical spa and wellness area. Booking a stay in a facility that is certified by EuropeSpa you can expect a level of quality that meets highest international quality requirements.


With EuropeSpa you book with your mind at ease and can enjoy your stay to the fullest and completely carefree.


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