Medical Spa

A medical spa treatment is a complex and supervised healing treatment that usually is prescribed or recommended by a doctor. Above all, it serves the purpose of health prevention as well as the overall improvement of health and the strengthening of the immune system. Thus, it corresponds to the latest developments on the health market.

The importance of natural local remedies
A medical spa treatment is based on the so-called natural local remedies and treatments. These are all natural remedies of the earth, the ocean and the climate as for instance thermal water, healing mud, algea or herbs. They are the basis of the various treatments. Thanks to their uniqueness they often contribute to the reputation of the health resort. But remedies alone do not make a medical spa treatment. Only in combination with a holistic treatment concept may a medical spa treatment be called as such. The individual health resorts often have different specializations with regards to what they offer: prevention, rehabilitation or health-focused treatments as well as inpatient or outpatient tasks.

Significantly longer lasting effect
Compared to wellness treatments, a medical spa treatment needs more time in order to fully unfold its beneficial and healing effects – at least two or three weeks are recommended. This way, naturally, a medical spa treatment also has a significantly longer lasting effect than a short wellness holiday.

No invention of modern times
According to their health-related task health resorts are usually located in a nice and quiet environment. They offer highly qualified medical care, are professionally organised and dispose of suitable equipment for the use of the local remedies, facilities for relaxation as well as activities and sport. The medical spa as such, however, is by no means an invention of modern times. Already in ancient times and in the Middle Ages there were important health resorts. The healing effects of the traditional treatments, which date back to those times and have endured till today, have been confirmed numerous times by modern research.

Health Insurance Companies
In many European countries, health insurances subsidize medical spa treatments. In some countries, such as Slovakia, Switzerland or Germany financial support is even provided for medical spa treatments in another European country. In this context, the terms of the insurance of the respective country of origin apply.