Wellness Tips

In our hectic times it is very important to allow oneself a break from time to time. From appointments, tasks and duties. Unwind. Come to rest. A very popular way to relax and recharge your batteries is a wellness treatment – be it a wellness weekend in a hotel, a day in a thermal bath or simply a massage after work.

How to avoid “black sheep”
But not everything that is labelled “wellness” actually is wellness. The term “wellness” is not protected. Everyone can use it for their products and services. So now there is even wellness jam or wellness tea. People looking for relaxation among the innumerable offers are often unsure how to find the right one in order to not fall for a so-called “wellnepp”.

But especially in those precious moments of relaxation you do not want to have to worry about whether the treatment is being carried out correctly. You want to make the most out of these rare minutes and hours and do not want to think about things like hygiene, safety or professionalism. This is where EuropeSpa can provide orientation to make out good providers at one glance.

Here are our Wellness Tips
Based on the profound EuropeSpa criteria we have put together some helpful tips for you that will help find the right wellness offer and make out black sheep – and to if possible to avoid them:

1. Make sure that the wellness area is located directly in the hotel and can be reached in swimwear. Long ways, never mind crossing a street, are not only uncomfortable, they also lessen the wellness experience.

2. Contrary to the general belief that chlorine smell signifies hygienically impeccable water, actually the opposite is true. If the water strongly smells of chlorine this could be a sign that the cleaning system is not working properly. In good hotels you hardly notice the chlorine smell in the swimming pool area.

3. Make sure that the wellness and spa area is open long enough. This way you are free to structure your day as you please. A good wellness area should be open at least 12 hours a day.

4. A good masseur introduces themselves by name and asks you during the treatment if you are alright. Also, prior to the treatment, they repeat your choice of massage and ask for the desired intensity. In good hotels, you will also be asked if you would prefer a male or female masseur.

5. Make sure that there is comprehensible information on the different treatments. Inquire what exactly a treatment entails so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you. Abroad, the information material should be available in several languages.

6. You are unsure whether a certain massage, for example, might pose a health risk to you? In that case, inquire whether you can consult with a doctor prior to the treatment. Good hotels will provide you with a questionnaire anyway in order to record possible health risks and to take into account possible health restrictions.

7. Make sure that the wellness area disposes of a relaxation room. Two sofas in front of the reception in the entrance hall or a room that is also used by pool visitors do not deserve this name. A relaxation room is invaluable. Only thanks to undisturbed peace and quiet can the treatment unfold its full beneficial potential.