The EuropeSpa Certificates

The EuropeSpa certificates are known as the most demanding in the medical spa and wellness industry. Not without reason – they were developed in years of cooperation with specialist associations, clinics, hotels and renowned experts, for example from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Based on international laws and standards
The basis are more than 50 national and international laws and standards. The requirements for a successful certification are high: At least 80 % of all criteria and all of the knockout criteria must be fulfilled. The auditors closely scrutinize the areas service, safety, hygiene and infrastructure. After a successful audit the certificate is valid for three years – with an interim audit after 18 months.

A valid quality statement
The EuropeSpa certificates permit a valid quality statement for relevant stakeholder, such as travellers, travel agencies and tour operators or health insurance companies. A EuropeSpa certificate is no substance-lacking marketing seal or misleading “membership seal” of an association.

The EuropeSpa seals help certified providers communicate their high quality standards to a wide range of stakeholders with a high level of attention and credibility across Europe. They use them for example to demonstrate to their guests their quality level, for example on their website, the hotel entrance or at reception as well as in brochures and catalogues.

There are different variations of the EuropeSpa certificates:
As a medical spa hotel needs to fulfil different requirements than a wellness hotel or a day spa. This is the reason why the number and type of criteria of the EuropeSpa quality certificates are tailored to the specific demands and conditions the different facilities face.

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EuropeSpa wellness

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