Why EuropeSpa?


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There are many different quality seals for medical spa and wellness facilities. Why should you opt for a certification from EuropeSpa?

  • A strong partner: EuropeSpa is supported by the European Spas Association (ESPA), the umbrella organization of the national Spas Associations and the hightes spa body in Europe. EuropeSpa is its official quality and certification system for medical spa and wellness facilities.
  • Assessment at the highest level: EuropeSpa is proven to be the most demanding quality seal available in the medical spa and wellness area. Our criteria are based on both national and international regulations and are constantly further developed in cooperation with a scientific advisory board and industry experts.
  • Valuable contacts: With the EuropeSpa certificate you will receive a network of contacts to important stakeholders, such as renowned tour operators. To this end, we have founded the international organisation “Quality in Health Prevention e.V.”, in which all interest groups who count on quality in health tourism support one another.
  • Continuous quality improvement: More than 10 years of experience show that facilities certified by EuropeSpa continuously improve their quality. Regular audits ensure objective feedback, the international quality standards permit to widen “the national horizon”. The EuropeSpa success strategy is: demanding assessment – a comprehensive 50- to 100-page report with pictures – interim assessment after 18 months – constant quality improvement over the course of the years up to international top quality.
  • International attention: Facilities that are certified by EuropeSpa are at the centre of attention during the “European Health Prevention Day”, the international trade meeting of the European health tourism industry. Here you will meet your partners and stakeholders all under one roof. There can be no more effective networking.
  • Marketing: As a certified provider you will benefit from a whole package of different PR and marketing measures. This includes the EuropeSpa website and social media channels as well as joint trade fairs, joint ads and press articles in trade and popular media, online marketing and more. Additional marketing possibilities on our website complete the offer.