Why get certified?


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“The best marketing is the reputable recommendation from a third party.”

This is especially true for health travels, as they are based on trust. This is the reason why the EuropeSpa certificates rely on the most detailed and demanding audits available for medical spa and wellness stays in Europe.

High quality = economic benefit
A provider that will not get a certification can only claim to provide quality services. A provider that gets a certification, on the other hand, can prove that they provide quality services. This way, they will economically benefit from their high quality level because – if a certification is promoted in the right way –  booking numbers will increase.

“Half” of the addition is: A certification is more expensive than a mere quality claim. This is correct, of course. But quality always costs money – whether it is confirmed by a certification or not. The difference is marginal. The “whole” addition therefore is: The investment in a certificate like EuropeSpa always pays off, as the investment…

  • in the long term leads to an above-average quality improvement and thus to more guest satisfaction, to a better reputation on the travel and health markets and to current and future employees who will be able to better identify with the company. These are high intangible assets.
  • makes the offer more attractive and valuable.
  • opens up valuable perspectives thanks to networking opportunities.

These factors constitute a material and intangible increase in value based on a targeted investment in the certification. This is impossible to achieve by self-assessment alone.

However, the most important is:
EuropeSpa shows everyone “We have a quality level which is valid not only on a national but on an international level.” This opens up new perspectives: The credibility of the quality statement toward all involved grows beyond all borders. With EuropeSpa, Europe will open up to you – a market with more than 300 million people.