Medical Wellness

Over the past years, the term “Medical Wellness” has become increasingly important. Among the different therapeutic approaches it is – as the name implies – situated between medical spa and wellness. Medical Wellness combines medical diagnosis and therapy techniques with wellness elements. The main difference to common wellness programmes is that Medical Wellness needs to be medically justified and the measures need to be individually tailored.

Assuming a healthy lifestyle
The aim of Medical Wellness is the general, holistic improvement of the well-being and of the subjective perception of health as well as health prevention. The priority here is not the concrete measures as such but the motivation to sustainably lead a healthy lifestyle. Participants learn under qualified guidance how to assume responsibility for their health and to strengthen it by means of a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Wellness is ideal for people with risk factors or chronic diseases, for whom the lifestyle may have a significant influence on the development and course of the disease.

This includes people suffering from back pains, rheumatic diseases, cardio-vascular diseases and their accompanying risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure or overweight but also all who suffer from stress-related conditions.

Great diversity
Many wellness hotel, thermal baths and medical spa hotels now offer a broad range of Medical Wellness programmes. For these offers it is crucial that a competent consultation and medical examination are also part of the programme as well as relaxation and exercise. This includes medical massages and typical medical spa treatments. Examples for Medical Wellness are the holistic concept of Ayurveda, measures for stress reduction or weight loss, fitness programmes, cardio fitness or smoking cessation.