Nowadays everyone is talking about wellness. It has become a modern trend that is reflected in almost every area of life. Originally, the term “wellness” first occurred in the USA in the 1950s as a catchword for a new health movement. It is composed of the words “well-being”, “fitness” and “happiness”. Back then the still new idea was not to let illnesses develop in the first place but to maintain and support health by a conscious lifestyle. It was no longer just about focussing on the treatment of illnesses but about proactively improving one’s own well-being. So, basically, wellness described a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Beauty, Relaxation and Recreation
By now the focus has shifted somewhat. Today wellness is mainly understood as treatments and applications that are supposed to improve a person’s well-being fast and short-term. In everyday conversation wellness covers all aspects around beauty, relaxation and recreation. This includes saunas, massages, cosmetic treatments but also meditation or special body care such as peelings and packages.

Booming wellness market
Our health awareness is growing and we have understood that it is mainly on us now to maintain and support our health.  Furthermore, in our fast-paced an hectic times the desire is growing to unwind from time to time, to relax body and mind, to experience the soothing effect of a massage or to gain new energy during sport. These are only a few reasons why the wellness market has been booming for years.

Wide range of wellness offers
Many hotels and other service providers have recognized this trend and focus on the physical and mental well-being of their guests. Wellness hotels, hotel spas, thermal baths and day spas offer a wide range of wellness services that promise the guest intensive relaxation and a special wellness experience in a relatively short amount of time. These include vitalizing and relaxing treatments such as steam baths, saunas, Thalasso treatments, Kneipp water treatments and tranquil elements as well as cosmetic and fitness offers. The aim is pampering, relaxation and stress reduction of the guests.

The line between wellness for relaxation and medical wellness offers is often vague. Compared to classical medical spa treatments and Medical Wellness measures there is no medical doctor in the wellness area. Everybody decides for themselves – or with support from the staff in the spa area – when, how and where they would like to “do some wellness”.

A question of quality
Just like in all areas the quality of wellness services strongly depends on the education and qualification of the staff as well as the facility and its functionality itself. A certification by EuropeSpa can provide orientation. Only if certain criteria are met you can be sure to get a professional, safe and correct treatment.