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M2 ORGANIZATION AND CONSULTANCY represents EuropeSpa in Turkey and is the contact for the Turkish hotels and clinics regarding the international EuropeSpa certifications of the European Spa Association.

Wiesbaden April, 10th 2021 I M2 ORGANIZATION AND CONSULTANCY represents EuropeSpa in Turkey and is the contact for the Turkish hotels and clinics regarding the international EuropeSpa certifications of the European Spa Association.

M2 and EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH have entered into a cooperative agreement to strengthen and build capacity in medical tourism in Turkey, by connecting both ...

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Health and Travel - Markets and Opportunities

Wiesbaden May, 14th 2019 |Hardly any tourism segment offers such diverse opportunities in business development as health tourism. The reason for this is that virtually every destination based on the local natural health resources can define a strong USP and thus be able to address the most promising group of guests. That was an important outcome of last year's European Health Prevention Days by Quality in Health Prevention e.V. (short Quhep).

Following last year´s discussion this year´s topic on III. European Health Prevention Day 18 + 19th ...

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More than 80 participants from 20 countries

Wiesbaden, 29 November 2017. The first European Health Prevention Day took place on 23 and 24 November 2017 at the IHK in Wiesbaden. More than 80 participants from 20 countries met to discuss different topics of prevention, treatment and health in the context of health politics and health tourism. The conference was organized in light of the development of a European market in the health sector: People are increasingly spending their health-related stays abroad, most of them privately financed. In part, the costs may also be covered by health ...

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Foundation of the Association „Quality in Health Prevention e.V.“

Wiesbaden, 11 May 2016: Representatives of tour operators, associations and operators of medical spa hotels and facilities have founded the international association “Quality in Health Prevention” for quality in health tourism today in Wiesbaden (Germany). The association will serve as a unique platform uniting stakeholders of the European medical spa and balneology industry regarding quality aspects. This includes, for instance, associations, health insurance companies, administration and politics as well as tour operators and ...

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Foundation of a new international Association for Quality in cross-border Healthcare Services

There are considerable differences in the area of prevention throughout the EU, especially regarding accessibility and funding of healthcare services as well as the legally required quality standards when it comes to security, hygiene and infrastructure. In order to oppose a distortion of competition the international certification EuropeSpa med was founded. This year there is going to be a change in how these EuropeSpa med quality standards will be set up and further developed. This is the reason for ...

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