Standards & Certificates

Europe is growing together – also on the health market. And more and more people spend their health holiday increasingly often abroad. The European medical spa and wellness market is large, the range of services accordingly diverse and the qualitative differences between providers can be substantial. The reason: Different cultures with their own service philosophies, safety standards and therapy methods come together on the same market. So there is hardly any transparency or possibilities of comparability. How to keep an overview?

Cross-border quality standards give orientation
Exactly for that purpose the EuropeSpa standards have been developed. They are cross-border quality standards providing the necessary orientation. The EuropeSpa certificates have been especially developed for medical spa and wellness facilities and are the official quality system of the European Spas Association (ESPA). They are the only official certification system in this area for the whole of Europe.

For transparency and comparability
The objective is more transparency and a fairer competition on the relatively intransparent market for medical spa and wellness. Our standards and certificates provide “real”, objective transparency, making it possible to compare providers across national borders. By means of our certificates providers with a high quality level are to get the possibility to become visible to international guests across Europe and to embark upon the path to international top quality thanks to constant amelioration.

A certification by EuropeSpa covers the areas service, safety, hygiene and infrastructure – exactly the areas that are comparable across European borders (for more details, see Information on Certification). Independent and specially trained auditors and certification bodies will carry out the audit.

There are two general versions of our certificates:

  • EuropeSpa med for providers of health travels (e.g. medical spa or medical wellness hotels, spa clinics)
  • EuropeSpa wellness for providers of wellness travels (e.g. wellness hotels, hotel spas, thermal baths and day spas). 

The EuropeSpa Certificates

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Why EuropeSpa?

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