How the people in a spa give it its personality April 7, 2016

EuropeSpa Blog: How the people in a spa give it its personality

A spa can be simply perfect, designed by the best architects, furnished with the most elegant materials and filled with the most refined fragrances and music – in the end it’s the people in a spa that make the difference. This is why these “inner values” also belong to the personality of a spa. These values are created by the people in the spa and fill it with life. This includes employees and guests.

The staff accounts for at least half of the “felt” quality, according to a rule of thumb that you often come across. Appearance, empathy, manners, professionalism and language skills: The staff in a spa dispose of an outstanding level of these characteristics and abilities. Equally important are

–       a good knowledge of human nature

–       the ability to cope with pressure in combination with an inner peace

–       positive thinking and charisma

–       and enjoying to work with people.

Furthermore, team spirit is of utmost importance: the spa staff need to keep the overview in day-to-day business without neglecting the details. At the end of the day the spa manager is key as the conductor of all procedures.

Especially in regards to charisma the cultural background can play a decisive role. “The art of humility”, in other words, creating a comfortable atmosphere by demonstrating a joy in serving is usually mastered much better by employees from India or other Asian countries than their European colleagues, for example.

Generally speaking: What are the prerequisites of what you would call a good service? Expertise, attention and also motivation can be learned. But what about character and personality? They are important elements when it comes to selecting a team.

However, also the guests themselves contribute to the atmosphere in a spa. This is especially true for areas that are open to several guests at the same time: conversations in the hallway, the relaxing area, the sauna, at the vitamin bar or noises from the swimming are might compromise the spa atmosphere. They reduce the feeling that each guest should experience, which is “this spa is for me”.

Guests need to be made aware of this and appropriate rules need to be communicated. This includes both certain house rules as a kind of “Terms and conditions” and signs at the relevant places and a sensitive authority by the staff.


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Written by

Dr. Kurt von Storch

Dr. Kurt von Storch is founder and CEO of EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH, the international quality system for medical spa and wellness of the European Spas Association (ESPA). Since 2013 he is president of the Academy of Balneology and Climatology and Member of the Board of the German Spa Read More