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Tobias Bielenstein

Tobias Bielenstein is Head of Marketing and co-owner of EuropeSpa med & Wellness GmbH. Furthermore he is Managing Partner of Branding-Institute CMR AG, a Swiss think tank for Brand & Reputation Management as well as founder and CEO of BC Kommunikation and Bielenstein Consulting GmbH. His other engagements include his role as vice-president of the International Brand and Reputation Community (INBREC) and his membership in the CSR working group of the German Association of Public Relations (DPRG).

Tobias has more than twenty years of experience in the communication industry. Before he founded his own companies he was responsible for marketing and communications at miaplaza Inc., an internet start-up in Silicon Valley. Prior to that he worked for seven years in an executive function in a business consultancy specialized in PR and Public Affairs in Bonn and Berlin and several years as freelance PR-consultant and journalist. He studied economics and political sciences in Bonn, Stockholm, Berkeley and Hagen. Tobias is a regular speaker at international conferences with focus on subjects in the intersection of Brand & Reputation, Marketing and CSR & Sustainability.

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Yes, there are actually quite a few similarities between a restaurant’s and a spa menu: you’ll get information about the offers and prices, some times about the philosophy or the approach of the place. You may even get information about the folks in the kitchen, take away offers, catering services (of course I’m still talking about restaurants J) etc. Now, but what is your impression if a restaurant offers a wild mix of, lets say Japanese Sushi, Indian Cuisine, some variety of Italian Spaghetti, a wide choice of Hamburgers and Bavarian Style breakfast? I would at least raise my eyebrows and probably walk away looking out for the next place…

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It’s the world’s biggest tourism trade fair taking place in Berlin every year. And yes – it is a must-go for all those active in the travel and tourisms business. Last week it was 50th anniversary of ITB and the fair hit another record in terms of visitors. Some 120.000 trade visitors came within three days to talk business, to network and to discover new trends and ideas. And – of course – we were amongst them. For me it’s really exciting to see what our industry – the medical spa, spa & wellness business – considers state of the art, what sells well in wellness, and what’s going to shape the next 12 months. Let’s have a look at the Wellness Trends at ITB 2016. Read more

Here it is: the secret formula for the perfect marketing for spas. Well, no, not really ;) … Of course there is no such thing or at least I personally do not believe in a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to marketing & marketing communications. But I do believe that it is worth to set up smart checklists, or algorithms if you will, that help set up good marketing concepts for Spas. Read more