About Dr. Kurt von Storch

Dr. Kurt von Storch

Dr. Kurt von Storch is founder and CEO of EuropeSpa med & wellness GmbH, the international quality system for medical spa and wellness of the European Spas Association (ESPA). Since 2013 he is president of the Academy of Balneology and Climatology and Member of the Board of the German Spa Association (DHV).

Kurt von Storch has 20 years of experience in quality consulting for medical spa and wellness in 45 countries worldwide and has carried out quality projects in more than 180 spas. He also developed quality standards for medical spa and wellness and is author of the book “Quality Standard for Medical Spas and Medical Wellness Providers in Europe“, published in Schweizerbart Verlag. Kurt von Storch shares his knowledge in regular lectures and training courses worldwide.

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Website: http://www.europespa.eu

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Information material on the spa displayed in the hotel room is one of the first touchpoints with guests. Here the guests are in their own four walls. Here they feel safe. Here they have time, they find rest and peace. Almost everyone has a look at the provided spa menu but in the end only less than 5 % actually use the services. So, if you want to catch the attention of the guest and make them curious, the spa menu design plays a very important first role: feel, design, texts, pictures…. Read more

When we take a bath in thermal water and enjoy the warmth and weightlessness we feel comfort and happiness. At first glance it does not matter whether it is a bath with artificially heated tap water or a bath with naturally heated thermal water from deep layers of the earth. For decades bathing in warm water has been highly appreciated. The ancient Roman and Greeks already used it for health and hygiene purposes. Read more