Possible contraindications to massage therapies May 19, 2016

EuropeSpa Blog: Possible contraindications to massage therapies

We have already presented the many healthful benefits of massage therapies in one of our earlier blog posts.

Though this delightful treatment can does wonders to our body, there are still some cases where we have to say “NO” to a massage.

For our convenience we should always inform the therapist about our current health conditions and potential allergies to oils, ingredients, cosmetics – as far as we know – or if we are taking any medication and also about any artificial joints, pacemakers, staples placed in our body.

This time we present you a list of health conditions to keep in mind in order to avoid the consequences of an unintentional “mistake” a simple massage may cause. By stating the situation to your masseur or masseuse considering your overall well-being does not necessarily mean that you have to skip the treatment; quite the contrary, they can then decide to apply a different massage technique and use only materials suitable to your condition.


Contraindications can be divided as such:

A) Total contraindications: A situation when massages cannot be applied at all.

B) Local contraindications: A situation when certain parts of the body cannot be massaged to avoid spreading of certain infections or to prevent a possible injury.

C) Medical contraindications: A situation when medical approval/permission is needed from the healthcare provider. In many cases doctors recommend massages as a therapeutic treatment but with the usage of different techniques.


Have a look at this infographic we put together for you listing the most important contraindications to massage therapies.

Certainly, there are additional and specific contraindications to be considered. We only wished to show some “sample” disorders and initiate a mindful thinking to be always on the safe side respecting our health.



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