For millennia, healing waters have attracted people’s attention, simply because they were different. They smelled different, for instance sulphurous; they tasted highly metallic or contained a lot of carbonic acid (which made them last longer and “taste better”). Especially thermal waters have always been spectacular, as the sight of freely escaping hot water from the earth was and still is fascinating. These locations often were places of worship and already known for many thousands of years. Read more

There are many different ways thermal water benefits our health. Generally speaking, warm water is good for us. The warmth in combination with zero gravity act deeply relaxing and make us feel safe. While bathing in thermal water, we can put our thoughts in order. The water serves as a support and provides warmth in the form of swimming pools, baths, showers or – as is common in Ayurvedic tradition – in the form of a drink for warmth from the inside.

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The term „natural local remedies“ stands for an important future trend in health tourism. The “Zukunftsinstitut” considers the focus on health topics one of the mega trends: “Health no longer is the opposite of sickness but an awareness of the balance of the individual life energy. Thus, medicine has transformed from a specialized repair shop into a huge sector for the health “prosumer”. Read more

„The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Plato

It is self-evident that as long as life exists on Earth, mankind will have issues with curing and preventing diseases, in other words ‘maintaining health’. Unfortunately, our existing health-care practice is based upon a so-called allopathic medicine, which treats and suppresses only the symptoms of the human body. Read more