Hotel Spa

When entering a hotel the guest is already received in the lobby by the interior alone. In the spa, it goes even further. Here the design, the light, the materials, the fragrances and sounds fascinate, inspire and “carry away” the guest. They can downright feel the place. The composition of these stimuli does something to our minds, which goes beyond the simple joy of seeing something beautiful. In other words: A good spa with the essential spa elements can have the right to claim to be a walk-in work of art.

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A spa can be simply perfect, designed by the best architects, furnished with the most elegant materials and filled with the most refined fragrances and music – in the end it’s the people in a spa that make the difference. This is why these “inner values” also belong to the personality of a spa. These values are created by the people in the spa and fill it with life. This includes employees and guests.

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„The architect deals the cards.“ Many other things can subsequently be altered but hardly a building’s architecture. It defines the frame, within which the atmosphere develops. The architecture always follows a strategic concept. However, it can also be an essential part of that strategy, for example if the architecture is about achieving a unique position.

The spa architecture does not only serve optical purposes. It should also contribute to its profitability. This includes both the accents that it sets and the spatial division that strongly influences the processes in the spa. Read more